Composer for Film, TV, and Video Games

Running with Rifles: Edelweiss Soundtrack (Dec 21, 2020)

Happy to have recently published the soundtrack to Running with Rifles: Edelweiss! Can be purchased on Steam here. Was a pleasure working on this score - especially the action cues for 'boss battles'!

Westworld Scoring Competition (May 22, 2020)

I recently provided this entry to a film-scoring competition which featured a rather intense car-chase sequence. I attempted to serve the visuals well while also working on my composition chops, and I decided to go for a Hollywood action-movie vibe with the music. The track features a mixture of synthesized sounds and raw orchestra. It was a ton of fun to work on this entry, and I learned a lot from some incredible community feedback at the vi-control.net forum. I hope anyone stumbling upon it here will find some of it entertaining!