Composer for Film, TV, and Video Games


Karl Thomas Feuerstake has provided music and sound design for a variety of media projects, including video-games, short films, and advertisements. Most recently he finished the soundtrack to Running with Rifles: Edelweiss, an upcoming D-Day themed expansion pack to the Running with Rifles video-game series.

Having began his composing career scoring various local advertisements and trailer videos, in 2017 Karl managed to land a bigger break by helping out with Running with Rifles: Pacific.

The game features comic-book style graphics and a unique top-down camera angle, and chronicles famous battles between the US Marine Corps and the forces of Imperial Japan during the Second World War. While assisting in development, Feuerstake managed to take it upon himself to provide the music, which he sought to illustrate the setting and define the tone of the game - through augmenting a thunderous orchestra with Taiko drums and Shakuhachi flute.

Trained in music composition at the University of Ottawa, he is currently living and working in Kingston, Ontario.